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Craig Badings


Craig Badings is Leading Thought’s communications strategy and thought leadership expert. Craig has 28 years’ experience advising major corporations and senior executives globally on thought leadership, issues and crisis management, media relations, communications strategy, social media strategy and profile management. He has and continues to consult to numerous professional services firms on their thought leadership strategy and approach.

During the years I have consulted to businesses large and small, the last 10 have been dedicated to researching and writing about thought leadership. More specifically, I’ve worked at the coalface with clients to develop a practical methodology that delivers to companies a robust, strategic thought leadership position and a roadmap of how to take it to the market that counts most.”

Craig is the author of two ebooks and two published books on thought leadership:  #Thought Leadership Tweet – 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign and Brand Stand: Seven Steps to Thought Leadership, co-authored with Dr Liz Alexander. He also blogs on the topic at

Like Liz, Craig is a “global hybrid” – born in London, raised in Cape Town, a product of the University of Cape Town and now lives in Sydney.  In addition to being a founding partner of Leading Thought, Craig is a partner at the largest private PR firm in Australia and New Zealand, SenateSHJ.

Companies like DuPont, IBM, and Phillips, to mention a few, have all pre-adapted to their futures and prospered. The nexus of megatrends and sector trends and the willingness and commitment of leaders to plan, adjust and take action on their futures gives rise to the greatest thought leadership opportunities. These are the companies that truly own thought leadership. I’m not talking about the thought leadership of clever content, but rather the thought leadership born of leading a sector through envisioning and acting on change.

“At Leading Thought we help companies anticipate and influence their futures and then ensure they effectively package and communicate this to the stakeholders who matter most to their success.”

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