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Anne Boysen


As a pioneer in the field Anne has been interviewed by the BBC, Crain’s Chicago Business, El Pais, Parenting Magazine and other mass media. She’s also a popular speaker, both across the United States and overseas.

“Researching family trends for a large company while raising my own young daughters posed some challenges for a Norwegian transplant in Texas at the beginning of the 2000s. Doing environmental scanning and what is now called ‘social listening’ in online discussion groups I realized there was a gulf between how people perceived reality would unfold for this very young generation of post-millennials and what I, as a futurist, saw unfolding. I made a commitment to catalogue important trends and insights, so I could deliver trustworthy forecasts to my clients as they began to strategize around this new generation. Today, years later, many of my forecasts have come to fruition.”

Anne adds a graduate level education in Data Analytics to her master’s degree in Strategic Foresight, allowing her to apply rigorous methods in her research and make sense of large quantities of data.

Anne is also founder of After the Millennials, a consulting service dedicated to building knowledge around next generation issues and important future trends.

“Change is not only happening at an exponential pace. The confluence of interacting trends and emerging issues produce Black Swan effects, events nobody could foresee but which have history-bending effects. My mission is to bring sense to this environment. Combining the best foresight tools with data analytics and statistics, we can actually envision credible scenarios of the future.”

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