Focus on Foresight To Make Better Professional Decisions

From driverless cars to virtual reality, distributed teams to omnichannels, there’s no doubt that technology is upending everything we know about how business is conducted. Including the impact it will have on the way people interact with each other in offices and retail spaces.  If such places will exist at all in the future.  In […]

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Women of Foresight: Changes in Education for Future Student Success

Education. A topic that remains hotly debated all over the world. Especially now, as we struggle to find our footing as our futures hurtle towards us, faster and more profoundly different than ever before. What changes do existing schools and colleges need to make to better prepare students for the trends we already see? Together […]

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True Thought Leadership Means Better Storytelling

Click on the link below to access the slidedeck for a recent webinar I gave on the connection between successful thought leadership and storytelling. If you or your organization is interested in speaking with me about developing this material for your unique needs, email: Thought Leaders are Superb Storytellers   Dr. Liz Alexander is co-founder […]

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Webinar: Transition from Expert to Thought Leader

Thought leaders don’t simply re-frame existing conversations, they propose new ones. But what constitutes “thought leadership,” and how can you earn that title for yourself? Do you have a full understanding of the core communication and strategic skills needed to be a truly great thought leader? Dr. Liz Alexander teaches the Strategic Communication Certificate Program […]

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