8 Reasons You Really DON’T Want to Be a Thought Leader

You’ve probably seen or even read a few of them: Those topical New Year articles on why we break our “resolutions” and how to make this year different–like TED presenter Ruth Chang’s New York Times Sunday Review piece Resolving to Create a New You.  I’ve always thought the main problem is conflicting goals. Like Anne Lamott’s […]

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Is this the most important insight ever for thought leaders and communicators?

What on earth do bacon and backfiring have to do with marketing, public relations or, for that matter, thought leadership? The answer is everything if you want your campaign to be successful. Think of most companies and what they do with their marketing and PR collateral, presentations, press releases, etc. Typically these end up as […]

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Why Incentivizing Thought Leadership is a BAD Idea

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” — John D. Rockefeller, American industrialist I don’t think most businesspeople really understand why organizational culture is the foundation upon which true thought leadership thrives. I certainly didn’t, despite everything we wrote in Thought Leadership Tweet on this topic. But then, I’ve always been […]

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No Risk? No Thought Leadership

It’s not easy to do what Mark Roth describes as “leaving the campfire”. By which he means turning your back on the safe feeling you get from being “one of the crowd” and doing what no one else has thought of doing – or has had the guts to do. Worse still, to have people […]

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