Dr. Liz, Audvisor Expert (like Tom Peters, Seth Godin…)

  Have you heard about Audvisor yet? That’s the app you can download through Apple’s App Store or Google Play that brings you short (under 3 minutes), powerful insights from “the world’s top experts.” People like Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and our own Dr. Liz Alexander! Please help us share Liz’s recordings–on her two […]

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Thought Leadership? Says Who?

The email I received from my literary agent yesterday (writes Dr. Liz) sparked mixed emotions. Over the weekend he’d be reading the proposal for my next (15th) nonfiction book, he said, and would send me his comments next week. Going the traditional publishing route—meaning “gatekeepers”—might seem strange in this age of ebook millionaires (who are […]

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