World megatrends and you: Instructive, interesting, or ignored?

Why would you need to think about world megatrends when you’re focused on your business? Well, you’re no doubt familiar with the saying, taken from the paper by MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz that gave rise to chaos theory: A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas. In other words, […]

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In Praise (and Search) of Thinkers: Forbes Rebuttal

Some words are like caterpillars–give them enough time and they’ll turn into something else. A person living in ancient Rome, for example, hearing the word “addict,” would know it meant a debtor who’d just been delivered to his creditor to work as a slave. To say something was “awful” in the Middle Ages was to […]

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Influencing the“Aha!”: How To Sway Decision Makers With New Ideas

You can produce all the thought leadership and future scenarios you like.  You can spend as much as you like on resourcing, producing, launching and packaging this but what determines its success, is how your audience interacts with it and whether they dismiss it or take it on board. The key lies in how you […]

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