supply chain expert Nick Little

Spotlight Supply Chains: Will What You DON’T See, Hurt You?

Calling all supply chains: If anyone knows the importance of strategic foresight and futures thinking in your world, it’s Nick Little. He’s Assistant Director of Executive Development Programs in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (MSU). A fellow Brit, Nick has extensive industry and international experience in supply chain management on both sides […]

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Boost thought leadership in India

What Great Chefs Teach Us About Thought Leadership

  We tend to think that animals came out onto the land as a positive step forward in the evolution of life. But the truth is, the first creatures were really driven out of the ocean. They were just trying to get away from the competition. If you’ve read Michael Crichton’s 1987 science fiction thriller, Sphere, […]

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Don’t Be A Faceless Thought Leader

Can you have thought leadership without a thought leader? That was the question posed in a short newsletter article by Rachel Ainsworth, Head of Thought Leadership Strategies and Services for the UK’s Source for Consulting. As she went on to point out, while most of us respond best to messages crafted by—or at least attributed […]

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Dr. Liz, Audvisor Expert (like Tom Peters, Seth Godin…)

  Have you heard about Audvisor yet? That’s the app you can download through Apple’s App Store or Google Play that brings you short (under 3 minutes), powerful insights from “the world’s top experts.” People like Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and our own Dr. Liz Alexander! Please help us share Liz’s recordings–on her two […]

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What Does Point of View Mean to You?

Learning a new skill is a wonderful thing. For me it’s especially satisfying when I can see connections between what I’m newly discovering and existing knowledge or interests. Take the concept of point of view, for example.  Craig and I talk about the importance of offering a fresh, provocative, research-backed point of view (POV) in […]

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One Minute Think: Collaborate Like a Thought Leader

  The average person reads approximately 250-300 words a minute–the length of each of these thought-provoking pieces. What do you think? Please leave a comment to let us know.  “This was never a question I felt capable of answering on my own, despite working in the financial services industry for 20 years.” ~ Stig Nybo: Transform […]

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One Minute Think: How Ray Bradbury Found His Answer

  The average person reads approximately 250-300 words a minute–the length of each of these thought-provoking pieces. What do you think? Please leave a comment to let us know.  There’s a wonderful story in the introduction of Ray Bradbury’s stunningly prescient 1953 dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, in which the author talks about how he tried to find […]

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Why “Bad Thought Leadership” is an Oxymoron

I recently received my first ever speeding ticket. As in first ever anywhere in the world, and after more than 30 years of spotless driving. Not surprisingly, I was bummed. But more fool me — I was speeding, so mea culpa.  But that experience got me thinking. Like, what’s the logic behind the way roads are designated […]

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Autowale, India: A Study In Creative Collaboration

  The idea of the lone creative genius is a pervasive one in Western culture, although the concept of “creative pairings” is catching on. There have always been twosomes that have arguably provided dynamic sparks: Pierre and Marie Curie; John Lennon & Paul McCartney; Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. Not least in the technology field […]

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Isn’t ‘Challenger Marketing’ Thought Leadership, Brent Adamson?

   The issue with tirelessly pursuing thought leadership is that it often fails to deliver on the true objectives of the business, which is selling your product or service, Adamson says. Organizations believe thought leadership will lead to higher win rates or bigger deals, when it really leads to people thinking your (sic) smart. ~ […]

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