How to see your status soar: you need to be more curious.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein Being curious. The gift that Eleanor Roosevelt said should be endowed on every child. One of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect, according to Samuel Johnson. And to Einstein, who described himself as “passionately curious,” a miracle if […]

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Is All This “Thought Leadership” Actually Earned?

A show on NPR a while back pointed to how ignorant politicians appear when they use the phrase “Sword of Damocles” incorrectly. Most often the term is used in the context of something dire that’s hanging over our heads. But as classics scholar Daniel Mendelsohn explained, the original story was meant to show that it’s all too […]

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Curiosity Case Study: Selling Insights by UK’s Egremont Group

Human beings are naturally curious about what the future will look like, wouldn’t you agree? And that’s as true in our business as it is in our personal lives. We’re typically interested in anything that can help us anticipate what’s likely to impact us –especially negatively — 1, 3, 5 or 10 years down the […]

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Thought Leadership — The Goal That Isn’t

Three very different articles jumped out at me this week. None of them are about “thought leadership” but still offer invaluable insights on a topic that continues to be broadly misunderstood. When talking with a British journalist during the British Festival of Ideas, former Monty Python star Michael Palin confessed that the team didn’t expect […]

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Thought Leadership? Says Who?

The email I received from my literary agent yesterday (writes Dr. Liz) sparked mixed emotions. Over the weekend he’d be reading the proposal for my next (15th) nonfiction book, he said, and would send me his comments next week. Going the traditional publishing route—meaning “gatekeepers”—might seem strange in this age of ebook millionaires (who are […]

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