To Lead Thoughts – Get Disruptive!

Mahesh Baxi has spent over 20 years in the global IT services industry. He is currently an entrepreneur, consultant, and author who previously worked as CEO of Compassites Software. Before that, he was Managing Director of global IT services firm, ThoughtWorks. Mahesh selected Tweet #1 from our award-winning book, #Thought Leadership Tweet. Here he explains why: […]

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THOUGHT OUT: Musings and Misunderstandings on Thought Leadership in August

The first in a monthly series, this edition of THOUGHT OUT draws attention to just a few of the thousands (!!) of blog posts written about thought leadership during the month of August.  What do you think about the opinions offered — and our responses in the comments section of each post? Think You’re  A […]

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Elements of Thought Leadership 1: Find Better Questions

  My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions. ~ Peter Drucker One of the joys of visiting bricks and mortar bookstores (when you can find one) is coming across a book you didn’t know about, on a topic you wouldn’t have bothered looking for. While wandering through my […]

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Thought Leadership — The Goal That Isn’t

Three very different articles jumped out at me this week. None of them are about “thought leadership” but still offer invaluable insights on a topic that continues to be broadly misunderstood. When talking with a British journalist during the British Festival of Ideas, former Monty Python star Michael Palin confessed that the team didn’t expect […]

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Great thought leaders upset people

I first met David at a Cerebrate event in California a couple of years ago. Since then we’ve been sounding boards for each other with respect to our various ventures and projects. It didn’t surprise me one bit that this incredibly wise and deep-thinking man would choose  tweet #6 (shown above) from our award-winning book, #Thought Leadership […]

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Webinar: Transition from Expert to Thought Leader

Thought leaders don’t simply re-frame existing conversations, they propose new ones. But what constitutes “thought leadership,” and how can you earn that title for yourself? Do you have a full understanding of the core communication and strategic skills needed to be a truly great thought leader? Dr. Liz Alexander teaches the Strategic Communication Certificate Program […]

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