40 Futurists on the Future of Work

Download this free ebook:¬†GuidetoFutureWork.pdf, that showcases the advice that 40 futurists offer to young people on the future of work. It’s not only valuable to Millennials and Gen Z. I’m sure we Boomers could learn a lot from this wisdom, grouped into Attitude, Skills, and Contribution. Enjoy (and please share and comment): GuidetoFutureWork

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Build Influence to Boost Your Business: Advice from Ian Cleary

Influence. Wouldn’t we all like to have more of it? After all, that’s how we shape, positively effect and impact the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of others. In this 20-minute video presentation (part one of a 4-part series), top social media specialist Ian Cleary of Razor Social provides robust information on how to build your […]

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