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  • March 18th, 2016: Liz appeared on the WinWinAtWork radio show, speaking about what HR professionals can and should do to position themselves as thought leaders to the C-suite and beyond:



  • Article by Craig Badings in the Australian/New Zealand Pharma in Focus titled:

Pharma needs new thought leaders

It’s often said that too much red tape stifles creativity. How then does the pharmaceutical industry navigate piles of bureaucracy and still innovate and drive a thought leadership position? Read more here or replicated here on this blog.


  • VIDEO: Dr. Liz speaking at APICS: Achieving Collaboration Through Thought Leadership

Six minute “speaker reel” showcasing parts of Liz’s 75 minute presentation in which she illustrated how to achieve successful collaboration in the supply chain with a case study of Autowale in India.

Article by Liz for BLGlobal: Does your content marketing stink?

You can blog, or write as many articles or posts on LinkedIn or Facebook as you like, but good content marketing is about targeting and quality, not just throwing out piles of stuff and hoping that some of it sticks. See the article online here, within the whole magazines (pages 45-47).  

Article by Liz for Business Life: All Together Now (successful collaboration)

It might seem anathema to some people, but are there advantages to collaborating with your competitors?  Dr. Liz Alexander explores with examples in this article on collaboration for the UK business magazine,

Article by Liz for Business Life: Wisdom of the Young (reverse mentoring)

Can older, more senior employees and executives learn something from younger staff? Dr. Liz Alexander investigates the concept of reverse mentoring in this article for UK business magazine,

In this guest blog appearance on, Leading Thought co-founder Craig Badings is interviewed by Susan Jennings about thought leadership, how one becomes a thought leader, the deep impact it can have on sales and how social media intersects with thought leadership.

Institute for Supply Management Podcast

In this podcast, recorded after her recent presentation at the ISM Conference in Las Vegas, Liz talks about and gives examples of the ICES approach: the Insights that lead to Conversations that lead to Engagement that leads to Sales or other types of desirable outcomes for thought leading organizations:

Article for Business Life: Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur

When the time comes for entrepreneurs to make their exit from a company they created, the parting of ways can be painful in more ways than one, as Dr. Liz Alexander explains in this article for the UK business magazine,

Article by Craig:

Are you making one or more of the three biggest career mistakes? Find out what they are and how to fix or avoid them…

Leading Thought spreads its wings into South Africa

TNA Media&Marketing Page 28 May 2014 – FINAL

Leading Thought, through Craig Badings, who grew up in South Africa and now lives in Sydney, has been working with two former South African advertising executives, Anne Nurock and Judy van Dam on introducing thought leadership to South African advertising agencies. This article is an interview with Anne and Judy about their work in this regard in South Africa.

PR Warrior Trevor Young interviews Craig Badings on deconstructing thought leadership

This interview examines, among others:

  • why thought leadership needs to be focused on the audience and their issues. It’s not be about you or your company or your products and services;
  • why shifting people’s perceptions around a particular issue, sector or subject is critical;
  • why it’s not merely about producing content;
  • the importance of having a point of view (and being able to package it using blogs, social media etc);
  • the difference between an expert and a thought leader; and
  • why thought leaders that are provocative often get the most airtime.

Webinar: Successful Thought Leadership – Less Marketing, More Storytelling

A one hour presentation offering some storytelling techniques that can help you intrigue, influence, and impact your target audience in ways that boost your business growth.

Criminal Minds: What Law Breakers Can Teach Legitimate Business

While this isn’t about thought leadership per se, it’s an example of the kind of high-quality, well-researched article that we could write for your publication. This one, written by Liz, concerns the lessons that businesspeople can glean from the way criminals operate, in terms of innovation and adaptability.

Webinar: Why Most “Thought Leadership” is Really Thought Followership

How can you avoid further swelling the ranks of the 76% so-called “thought leaders” that produce interesting but largely obvious reports that fail to differentiate them in their market and compared with their competitors? More to the point, how can you become one of the tiny minority (2%) of true thought leaders that provide clients with revelatory and challenging new perspectives? Listen in to this one hour joint webinar with Dr. Liz of Leading Thought and Rachel Ainsworth of the UK’s Source for Consulting to find out the answers.

Australian Law Firms Need to Rethink their Content Strategy Are you a content dinosaur or are you building eminence?  In this article, Craig explores how law firms need to change the way the build eminence for lawyers or practice areas.  He uses examples of international law firms who are using their content wisely to build their profile as experts in their field. The Power of Slow Content Craig writes for Sparksheet on why companies should take time to plan, research and write their content. He provides some case studies with examples.

Thought Leadership: How to Influence and Create Impact – Australian Businesswomen’s Network

Liz is interviewed by Suzi Dafnis on thought leadership strategies for businesses of all sizes (20 minutes podcast).

The Number One Way to Engage Your Target Audience – ThoughtLeaders LLC

Liz’s guest blog post on how to use storytelling techniques to engage, persuade, and provoke others to take action.

Successful Thought Leadership: Less Marketing, More Storytelling – Infinite Conferencing

The last webinar in this 3-part series on developing and executing true thought leadership. In this session, Liz offers some of the insight she shares in her storytelling course for The University of Texas at Austin’s Professional Development Center.

Thought Leadership: The Essential Leadership Skill – GlobalPeopleTree

Liz is interviewed by Dr. Tanvi Gautam on what it truly takes to be a thought leader.

Think You’re a Thought Leader? Think Again – (UK)

Read Joel Kurtzman’s current comments on the state of thought leadership (“utterly devalued”) and see how far so many have strayed from the concept’s original meaning. (Includes a nice mention of our book, #Thought Leadership Tweet.)

What is Thought Leadership? – Sparksheet

The term “thought leadership” gets batted around a lot these days, but where did it come from and what does it mean? Liz Alexander and Craig Badings shed some light in this excerpt from their new book.

A Seven-Point Guide For Thought Leaders and Authors –

I’ve long recognized the similarity between the personal characteristics, skills, and attributes of individual thought leaders and those of successful non-fiction authors. Here are seven such common features…

Finding the fit for thought leadership in social media – Tech Republic

Thought leadership and social media don’t necessarily go together, but when they do, there are some key tactics for engagement…

Thought Leadership? Think again. Human Capital Magazine, Australia

Craig Badings and Dr Liz Alexander discuss why current job ads targeting professional ‘thought leaders’ reveal how little most of these organisations really understand about thought leadership and how they’re selling themselves and the position short…

Is Thought Leadership The Future Of Marketing? B2B Marketing Insider

One of a series of articles moderated by Michael Brenner, VP of Global Marketing for SAP (this also appeared on the SAP blog)…

Does Thought Leadership Need Social Media? –

The natural reaction of most business people and certainly anyone in marketing, communications or social media these days is to label those companies and individuals not using social media as dinosaurs…

How to Establish Thought Leadership

Interview between Liz and Tanmay Vora, one of Top 20 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media, which was picked up by the Build Network…

CFA Magazine – Sept 2012 Issue

Thought Leadership: An Emerging Career Path! A bold—and relatively new—concept is being showcased and embraced within financial services firms. The concept is called “Thought leadership,”…

Law Society Journal article on thought leadership 01.02.12

Think like a leader…

Dr. Liz on Thought Leadership.

Interview by Rajesh Setty….