Overcoming the three hurdles to thought leadership that truly works – case study  

  In a previous post my colleague, Dr Liz Alexander, identified the three hurdles brands or individuals face when identifying or taking their thought leadership point of view to market. These included: Not focusing too far into the future – people want information that can help them implement or make changes today. Focusing on the positive […]

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The 24 questions that will decide whether you are a thought leader or pretender

Don’t you get really pissed by those individuals and organizations that call themselves “thought leaders” with no clue as to what it truly means or what it takes to get there?  So how do you really know that you are a thought leader?For us it’s one thing and one thing only; whether your clients, customers, […]

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How to influence an industry through thought leadership

[Postblog on Tweet #47: “Will your thought leadership motivate your target audience to act or change the paradigms of your industry or market sector?”]    Motivating stakeholders to act or change the paradigms of an industry (or society!) requires the power to influence, backed by strong credibility and it can’t be done alone.   ­­In […]

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