Content pollution – graffiti on the face of thought leadership

Shock, horror – content is the graffiti on the face of thought leadership? You’ve got to be kidding, content is thought leadership. Isn’t it? Well yes–and maybe. But it could also be the death knell of thought leadership. Type “our thought leadership” into Google and you get 150 million results.  Is that really how many […]

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Webinar: Transition from Expert to Thought Leader

Thought leaders don’t simply re-frame existing conversations, they propose new ones. But what constitutes “thought leadership,” and how can you earn that title for yourself? Do you have a full understanding of the core communication and strategic skills needed to be a truly great thought leader? Dr. Liz Alexander teaches the Strategic Communication Certificate Program […]

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8 Reasons You’re Not a Thought Leader…Yet

Image credit: stocksnapper / 123RF Stock Photo When it comes to the current state of thought leadership, most people are deluding themselves. Consider this. Dr. Fiona Czerniawska of the UK’s Source for Consulting, in a recent report entitled 2012 in Thought Leadership Statistics, concluded: An awful lot of thought leadership continues to be really about following what other […]

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Thought Leaders need to think big to act big

Today’s guest blog post is by Mike Figliuolo (@OnePieceofPaper) whom we admire for his straight-talking, no BS approach to leadership topics. He chose tweet #29 (shown above) from our award-winning book, #Thought Leadership Tweet: 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign as the prompt for sharing how… To Capture a Whale, […]

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No Risk? No Thought Leadership

It’s not easy to do what Mark Roth describes as “leaving the campfire”. By which he means turning your back on the safe feeling you get from being “one of the crowd” and doing what no one else has thought of doing – or has had the guts to do. Worse still, to have people […]

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Thought Leadership? Says Who?

The email I received from my literary agent yesterday (writes Dr. Liz) sparked mixed emotions. Over the weekend he’d be reading the proposal for my next (15th) nonfiction book, he said, and would send me his comments next week. Going the traditional publishing route—meaning “gatekeepers”—might seem strange in this age of ebook millionaires (who are […]

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