World megatrends and you: Instructive, interesting, or ignored?

You’re no doubt familiar with the saying, taken from the paper by MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz that gave rise to chaos theory: A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas. In other words, little things – even far away — can have big consequences, because everything is connected. Even […]

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From the U.S. to India.

The O.E.S. of Thought Leadership

While working in Bangalore in January 2016, I was interviewed by Indian businessman Sriharsha Neergundha Nagaraj for his show on Innovation. We talked about a number of things, but starting at 6:00 minutes, I outline the three-step process I call O.E.S., that helps clients understand the nature of true thought leadership and how they can […]

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Thought leadership that works - The Real Deal

Australian law firms wise up to the power of thought leadership

This article first appeared in the Law Society for NSW online newsletter. It was written by Leading Thought co-founder Craig Badings   Five years ago I conducted one-on-one research with the top six Australian law firms on their views of thought leadership and how they were using it. Most were grappling with it and the […]

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Clayton Utz and KPMG's Urban Renewal Guidebook a great case study in thought leadership.

Overcoming the three hurdles to thought leadership that truly works – case study  

  In a previous post my colleague, Dr Liz Alexander, identified the three hurdles brands or individuals face when identifying or taking their thought leadership point of view to market. These included: Not focusing too far into the future – people want information that can help them implement or make changes today. Focusing on the positive […]

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3 Reasons Thought Leadership Dies

  Is it possible to think too far out of the box? was a question our friends over the pond at Source for Consulting asked recently. Source found that, rather than explore issues they’d never considered, 83% of executives surveyed said they read thought leadership on topics they were already thinking about, and preferred this […]

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EY doing more with less content.

EY – doing a lot more with less content

It had to happen. A global brand bravely saying they’ll no longer be part of the content marketing machine that pumps out content for the sake of it. Step up to the plate EY Australia. Three years ago I interviewed Merryn Stewart, EY Oceania’s brand marketing and communications (BMC) director. At that point she had […]

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"Pharma leaders need to step up and take a stand on key issues.” Craig Badings

Pharma needs new thought leaders

This opinion piece by Craig Badings first appeared in Pharma in Focus, the only independent source of local news for Australian and New Zealand pharma professionals “In a time of profound change in the industry, pharma leaders need to step up and take a stand on key issues.” Craig Badings, partner at SenateSHJ and […]

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Meet Korey - and new "baby" Honey.

Differentiation: An Attitude of Mind?

In Austin, Texas, if you want headshots, you go to Korey Howell Photography. Korey doesn’t take pictures of families, or weddings, or special events, or pets. The one thing she does, and does really well, is headshots. She’s not old school (hands on lap; fake smile) or new school (capturing “lifestyle”). Instead of being overly […]

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Smart sign on an estate near my home.

Are You As Client-Centric As You Think?

You’re in marketing or communications, right? You understand what it takes to attract and influence others to take action: the action you want them to take? Fantastic! Then let’s imagine* you’re walking past a blind person standing at a street corner. They’re shaking a tin, but you don’t hear anything rattling around in it. In […]

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Leadership Matrix

Mike Figliuolo: How to Differentiate

In this audio interview with Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS, LLC, Dr. Liz discusses the ways in Mike and co-author Victor Prince differentiated their book, Lead Inside the Box, from the tens of thousands of others in the category of leadership. And what lessons can be learned from their experience on how to think about your market challenges in a […]

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