Great thought leaders upset people

I first met David at a Cerebrate event in California a couple of years ago. Since then we’ve been sounding boards for each other with respect to our various ventures and projects. It didn’t surprise me one bit that this incredibly wise and deep-thinking man would choose  tweet #6 (shown above) from our award-winning book, #Thought Leadership […]

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Burt Wonderstone & the Illusion of Thought Leadership

In that one moment young Albert’s whole life changed. A bullied kid with just one friend, he went on to become a superstar on the Las Vegas strip. How? Because for his birthday—according to the script of Steve Carrell’s latest movie vehicle—his mother gave him a magic set sold by TV magician Rance Holloway (played […]

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Thought Leadership is bestowed not self annointed

Today’s guest blogger is Dave Gardner (@gardner_Dave) who was the first person to write an Amazon review for our book.  He chose tweet #76 (shown above) from #Thought Leadership Tweet: 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign as the prompt for discussing the criteria relevant to select his thought leadership niche. Are you […]

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Webinar: Transition from Expert to Thought Leader

Thought leaders don’t simply re-frame existing conversations, they propose new ones. But what constitutes “thought leadership,” and how can you earn that title for yourself? Do you have a full understanding of the core communication and strategic skills needed to be a truly great thought leader? Dr. Liz Alexander teaches the Strategic Communication Certificate Program […]

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8 Reasons You’re Not a Thought Leader…Yet

Image credit: stocksnapper / 123RF Stock Photo When it comes to the current state of thought leadership, most people are deluding themselves. Consider this. Dr. Fiona Czerniawska of the UK’s Source for Consulting, in a recent report entitled 2012 in Thought Leadership Statistics, concluded: An awful lot of thought leadership continues to be really about following what other […]

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