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The Value Futurists Offer Business in a Complex, Uncertain World

Fountain, rainbow and The Thinkery in Austin's Mueller Park.

Fountain, rainbow and The Thinkery in Austin’s Mueller Park.

Join me and Dawna Jones of Insight to Action as we discuss:

  • Why futures-thinking is so invaluable to individuals and organizations today;
  • The real scoop (based on research evidence, not scare-mongering opinion) on how jobs will be affected by increasing automation;
  • How artificial intelligence will impact retail salespeople, librarians, nursing staff, and human resources professionals;
  • The dangers of cognitive bias and the “curse of expertise”;
  • Ways in which companies can learn to manage the unknown in more intelligent ways;
  • Two very different ways decision makers should think about uncertainty in order to derive the greatest benefit.

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What Does a Futurist Really Do? with Dr. Liz Alexander

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