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Spotlight Supply Chains: Will What You DON’T See, Hurt You?

supply chain expert Nick Little
supply chains expert Nick Little

MSU’s Nick Little

Calling all supply chains: If anyone knows the importance of strategic foresight and futures thinking in your world, it’s Nick Little. He’s Assistant Director of Executive Development Programs in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (MSU). A fellow Brit, Nick has extensive industry and international experience in supply chain management on both sides of the Atlantic. A former manager within British Rail, Nick currently heads both the Railway Management Program and Custom Programs at MSU.

I invited him to come online and speak with me about how much strategic foresight went on in industries that are heavily involved in supply chains. During our 14-minute conversation we touched on topics including autonomous trucks, artificial intelligence and just how much of a futurist mindset we might expect to find in today’s organizations.

MSU's Nick Little speaks to Dr. Liz Alexander about autonomous trucks, AI & if supply chain professionals show enough strategic foresight. Click To Tweet

Nicholas Little on 2016-06-21 at 17.02

Supply Chains: Are You Prepared for the Future?

What questions might you have for Nick or myself around preparing yourself and your organization for the disruptions of the future? Please share your thoughts and comments below. You can also contact us individually. Click “contact us” on our homepage to be in touch with Dr. Liz directly, or via LinkedIn. And access Nick’s public LinkedIn profile here. (I’ll be posting the transcript of our conversation on LinkedIn shortly.)

#Supplychains: Just how prepared are you for the future? Conversation with MSU's Nick Little. Click To Tweet

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