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Boost your thought leadership with these 3 simple steps

Boost thought leadership in India
Boost thought leadership in India

From the U.S. to India.

What's the O.E.S. of #thought leadership (six minutes in)? Click To Tweet

Boost thought leadership

Have you been struggling with ways to boost thought leadership for yourself or your business? Try looking at it this way:


While working in Bangalore in January 2016, I was interviewed by Indian businessman Sriharsha Neergundha Nagaraj for his show on Innovation. We talked about a number of things, but starting at 6:00 minutes, I outline the three-step process I call O.E.S., that helps clients understand the nature of true thought leadership and how they can bring it about. O = Opt-in identifier E = Emotional hook S = Special sauce Now watch the video to understand what those three terms mean and how to use them to boost thought leadership for yourself:

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