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33 tweeters define thought leadership

33 Tweet-sized definitions of thought leadership.

For some time I have been publishing 140 character thought leadership definitions sent to me by people who follow my twitter feed @thoughtstrategy . I used to publish these on my old blog site but for the first time these are being published on the Leading Thought blog. I hope it motivates others to send their definitions to @thoughtstrategy – all definitions are welcome.

At the end of the year we compile a list of the top 20 definitions and we pick a winner who receives a free copy of our book #Thought Leadership Tweet 140 prompts for designing and executing an effective thought leadership campaign.

Here is a collation of some of those definitions for February and March – April and May will follow at the beginning of June. Thanks to everyone for participating:

Dan Gaffney @DTGaffney

Creating, sharing & exemplifying novel solutions that add value to people and real world challenges.

Samuel Isichei @PsalmuelOtiz

Besides it meaning one being an authority in a particular field, I think thought leadership is the ability to push the current envelope of a subject matter to create new synthesis of ideas & not been afraid to apply these new ideas.

(This is a combination of two tweets Samuel sent me)

Jacquelyn Gernaey @JGernaey

Challenging the best from those we serve.

Howard Homonoff @howardbh1

Perfect blending of #creativity #foresight #expertise with messaging that resonates with an audience.

James Solomons @JamesSolomonsCA

Thought leadership is paving the way for others to challenge their own status quo.

Mark Cameron @MarkRCameron

…is being brave enough to put your ideas in the spotlight and invite feedback.

Janet Dillabaugh @jdcoachconsult

Thought Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

Vlatka Hlupic @VlatkaHlupic

Thought leaders shift the current perception and knowledge in his/her area of expertise to the new level of thinking.

Tami Walker @tamawaka

Thought leadership in my view are individuals who are experts in their field, who can speak and lead with specific insight.

Betsy Mack @betsymack_

Thought leadership is a conclusive concept conceived by an inspiring & skilled professional that is believed by others as an ultimate truth.

Graham Ruddick @GrahamRuddick

Saying what people know in a way they had never thought about it before and in a way that makes everything clearer and more exciting.

Bill Sutton @Sutton_ImpactU

Thought leadership involves the ability to take complex thoughts, present them clearly & simply & to allow a broader audience to consider & expand.

Jo Daniels @jodyndaniels

To be an authority, challenging ideas and beliefs while delivering value and solutions that guides and encourages progress and growth.

Fred Stawitz @DontRunNaked

Thought leadership is thinking way out in front of the box!

bryangiss @bryangiss

The ability to communicate what could be based on past experience/knowledge, that could benefit others & advance an industry or community.

Michael B. Moore @michael_b_moore

. . . the ability to contribute content that becomes considered a part of the leading edge of ‘best practices’ on an issue/topic/profession.

Emily Griffin @Emily_Griffin8

Thought leadership is sharing your passion & expertise on a topic with people who are thirsty to learn.

Stephen diFilipo @S_dF

TL = visionary, forward thinker, provides well formulated opinions, advisor, strategist, inspires, informs, innovates…

Dr Mark Bonar @ZenGrifter

Thought leadership is the imparting of expert knowledge by key people of influence in their chosen fields to qualified stakeholders.

Rich Goldstein @RichGoldstein

Great question! IMHO “thought leadership”, is expressing ideas in a way that shows others you get what matters to them.

Brian Corrigan @brianjcorrigan

One of the most overused phrases in business communications. Real thought leadership challenges commonly held views with a new perspective.

TyLisa Johnson @tylisaaa

Hi! Thought leadership to me is being able to use your thoughts and opinions to inspire people to make moves for the greater good.

Sharon Schweitzer JD @austinprotocol

Thought Leadership: cultural awareness in building trust, inspiring respect & creating long lasting relationships.

(As an aside, co-founder of this blog and co-author of our book #Thought Leadership Tweet, Dr Liz Alexander acted as a consulting book strategist to Sharon for her recent book ‘Access to Asia’. The book recently won three categories in the US Books News 2015 International Book Awards including Best New Non Fiction – well done Sharon and Liz!)

Lebogang Moate @MrMoate

It is instilling ideas, knowledge & philosophy in people, and encouraging them to relay and impart that knowledge to others…

Liz Fratus @lizfratus

Thought leadership is convincingly demonstrating subject matter expertise and industry leadership in a persuasive, passionate manner.

Listening Impact @listeningimpact

Being the voice behind an industry, concept, or idea that is turned to first & sets standards.

Lauran Star @LauranStar

Specific to an area of expertise that is authentic and unique.

Joe Edelman @theJoeEdelman

TL is SHARING REAL KNOWLEDGE for the advancement of the greater good to establish your brands personality and establish strong relationships.

Matt Rowley @MattRowley

…giving people a new perspective on a part of their lives (not just sharing ‘inspirational quotes’ on social media!)

Michele Mehl @BuzzBuilders

Influence that sparks action.

Venerate Digital @VeniDigiMedia

Thought leadership is clearly a different type of growth strategy for corporations.

Mark Harai @Mark_Harai

Thought leaders are authorities in the field, can see where an industry is going in the future and can shape opinions of others.

Angela & Harry @Pawz4ThoughtUK

Thought leadership is inspiring others to courageously follow their hearts, to bravely go off piste, & have the guts to show vulnerability.


Thanks to all those who took part. If you have read through these and think you have a definition that will add to these or build on them, please feel free to send yours to me @thoughtstrategy.

Craig Badings is one of the co-founders of Leading Thought. Follow him on twitter at @thoughtstrategy

To find out how companies and individuals have used their insights and thought leadership to grow their business, click on this eight-part audio series. This bumper thought leadership package comes with numerous free thought leadership books, including our award winning #Thought Leadership Tweet: 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign.

About Craig Badings

I am passionate about thought leadership. I help/coach companies and individuals arrive at a robust, strategic thought leadership position and help them take it to market. I have written four books on the topic. The latest, "#THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Tweet: 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign" was co-authored with Dr Liz Alexander. My first book on the topic was: "Brand Stand: seven steps to thought leadership" which outlines a methodology for arriving at a thought leadership position. Both can be found on The third was written with Mignon van Halderen and Kym Kettler-Paddock and is titled: Thought Leadership - how to differentiate your company and stand out from the crowd and the fourth was an ebook with Dr Liz Alexander on five global thought leadership case studies which can be found on this site. I have spent 28 years in the PR consulting industry working across South Africa, London and now Australia where I am a partner in privately owned PR company, SenateSHJ. My areas of expertise include:Thought leadership and strategic communications, corporate and brand positioning, reputation management, crisis and issues management, media coaching and media relations.

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